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Volunteer Review Nepal Kathmandu Dental Program Saion Saha

Volunteer Dental Nepal, The ABV experience is more than just the “Dental Volunteering” you sign up for. You are exposed to an honest view of the country that you would fail to me if you were on the standard tourist trail.

Volunteering in Nepal Kathmandu

1.- Why did you choose to volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu, what program(s) are you doing and why?

Why Nepal: I have previously traveled to Nepal and saw the great need the country was in. I really enjoyed being in Nepal and thought I would definitely be back.

What program: Dental Programme

Why this program: As a nearly qualified dentist, I was curious about dentistry in other countries and wanted to experience a different side of dentistry. I also wanted to help at the need community with the skills I had.

Volunteer Dental Nepal

2. What was the most surprising thing you experienced while in the program? 

Program: The challenges the dentists take on at the hospital some of these cases are complicated but there is no other option but to take on the case.

Host Family: To see how similar the host family is to my own family in terms of culture. My family is from West Bengal, India.

Country: The lack of infrastructure outside of the main tourist areas.

3. What was the most difficult thing you experienced while in the program? 

Program: Communication barriers between the patient and me. It was difficult to get an accurate history even with someone translating for me.

Host Family: Everything was smooth. No difficulties.

Country: The bumpy road to and from the hospital.

Volunteer Dental Nepal 1

Go Abroad To Nepal

4. Any tips for future volunteers….

Clothing: Bring easy to wash and quick dry clothing.

Sightseeing: Don’t try and see everything. Take things slowly. Nepal has little infrastructure and it is difficult and tiring to get to and from places quickly.

Donations: Sponsor a child here if you can!

Laundry/internet: Learn how to hand wash. Buy a sim card of data is a live saver when trying to find the places.

5. Other things volunteers should know about: 

a.- City/town: Getting around town and using the public transport system is difficult.

b.- Weather: Winter time is colder than it seems. The houses have no insulation.

c.- Local People: Very friendly and always willing to help.

d.- Tours: Can’t comment as did not do any tours.

Volunteer Dental Nepal 2

Gap Year Nepal

6. Personal Paragraph (volunteer program testimonial), detail as possible: 

The ABV experience is more than just the “Dental Volunteering” you sign up for. You are exposed to an honest view of the country that you would fail to me if you were on the standard tourist trail. Personally, I found this experience humbling and it has motivated me to make charitable work a significant part of any life. I look forward to being back in Nepal sometime soon.

7. How would you describe your: 

Accommodation: Comfortable. Had all the necessities and fast internet.

Meals (favorite): Simple Nepali dishes are easy to digest and delicious.

Security: Keep all your belongings close to you. Try and not take a bag if you are using public transport.

Host family: Lovely people. All my needs were met.

8. What was your memory of this trip? 

Program: Meeting all the dentists at the hospital. Have made some friends for life and will definitely be visiting them in the future.

Host Family: Learnt a lot about the Nepali way of life from the Host Family.

Country: Nepal has many issues but it is on the way to solving them.

Volunteer Dental Nepal 3

Volunteer Nepal

9. How was the local ABV Coordinator, the staff and the support provided in-country? Be as detailed as possible.

Airport: Picked up from the hotel on time. Taxied to host family’s home.

Orientation day: Detailed all the information required for an enjoyable and safe stay.

Daily Support: Supported me for everything I wanted to do plus give me valuable suggestions. Helped to organize many extra activities I wanted to do.

10. How was the information you received from ABV prior to traveling? (Emails, website, support) was there anything missing or should be included to prepare other volunteers?  

Very detailed information given via email.

11. Are you willing to speak to other potential ABV volunteers about your volunteer experience? 


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